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Building University Student Starts in Classroom

Building University Student Starts in Classroom


Assistant Instructor Ibrahim Talaat Ibrahim (M.A)

Deputy Head of Translation Department/ College of Arts/ AL-Iraqia University


University campus is defined as the centre of science and knowledge and it is place that contributes to building nations and peoples. Besides, university student is described as the cornerstone of the academic process. This is why; university professor cares about the student a lot so as to live up to his scientific level. And the classroom is an area that witnesses the formulation of university student through the process of teaching and learning. In other words, the process mentioned above does not contribute to building the student scientifically only but also helps refine his thoughts and behaviour to be great. On the top of that a lot of talks happen between the professor and his student in classroom and every single subject has a great importance to the formation of his mentality. Moreover, there are several factors working on building student's personality in classroom, they are presented below:      

-Respect: it is considered to be the foundation of student-student and student-professor relations. So, students must show respect for their own professor and this behaviour motivates him to deal with them kindly. 

-Doing homework completely: the student might feel lazy once he hears about homework. However, this is an important subject because it will help boost his academic skills. Besides, a student might think about the following "the reason of joining university or college is to get a certificate no more no less" and following graduation, there will many negative impacts once he tries to get a job but unfortunately, he does not find an appropriate opportunity because his academic grades are low and this happened as a result of not paying attention to the homework given to him by his professor in classroom or he did not care about his curricula in general. Therefore, the student must be interested in the academic curriculum to achieve his goal.    

- Co-operating with colleagues: co-operation is an essential characteristic of building university student process due to its good academic, social and practical dimensions. So, it is advised that all students should co-operate with each other in different academic, social and scientific fields because it works on strengthening friendship and brotherhood bond among student. 

Faithfulness in work: freshmen might not understand the concept of faithfulness in work. Therefore, they may witness dangerous situations. So, faithfulness is mastering the work by staying away from falseness. In other word, when any professor assigns a student to do certain task, he has to master it without any negligence.  When the student succeeds in his academic years and he understood all the aforementioned points, he will be the best and he can contribute building his society properly. 


So, the classroom remains the foundation of building students scientifically and helps build his personality to be an active figure in his society. And subsequently, he will be the pillar of structuring his state's higher values  

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