Saturday, 30 July 2016

My Beloved Mother

I dedicate these simple expressions to my beloved mother and all mothers on the face of earth. And may God rest the dead ones in peace and make the living ones have prosperous life, God willing.


My Beloved Mother

Written and Translated By:

Ibrahim AL-Bayati (M.A)


I love your kind heart

You are the human being created with art


I love your manner

You are the most beautiful flower


I love you for being led to heaven

You are the one who taught me who to write eleven


I love you for looking after me in sickness

You are the glorious power that removed my unbearable sadness


I love you for honourable attitude since birth

You are the chosen one; I can't make it up for you until death  




Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Generous Iraqi and the Noxious Terrorist

The Generous Iraqi and the Noxious Terrorist

Written and Translated By:

Ibrahim AL-Bayati (M.A)

The generous is always enlightened

And his voice is usually heightened

He helps those who live in poverty

And his noxious ones are at his captivity

He gets the best appreciations

And he supports people without justifications

He eases complications

And he brings news of fascinations

People are addicted to him for his fun

And his friendship is equal by none

Although he has a lot of money

He never wears something expensive and funny

His dreams will come true, though they are many

And noxious people are evil-minded

And their ideas are narrow-minded

He hates development at all costs

And he fears of the righteousness the most

He backbites people badly

And he does not master the art of management significantly

He is a failure in justifications

And he expects his tricks to be underway without sophistications

But he is one of the biggest losers

And he thinks he has many followers

However, he is crashed

At last, his dirty schemes will be collapsed