Friday, 25 April 2014

My Triangle


Life is worthless without a wife because she is the sweet part of you.  Finding the right wife is not similar to the idea of finding the perfect companion to have fun with on vacation, it refers to the fact that finding a person that you can live with her until the last moment of your life. Choosing the person you want to marry or commit to forever is defined as the most crucial decision you will ever take, and it requires The Triangle.

The Triangle is my model that I have created for my article, it does not refer to the geometrical shape literally but it refers to the principles of choosing the best wife as all of you know "Happy wife, Happy life". If you want to have a happy wife, you need to follow the following points:

1-  Creating a list of candidates, so as to choose one of them to be you future wife
2-  Drawing an impartial distinction among all of them to see their own features
3-  Applying the model (Triangle) to the most successful candidates.
The model (Triangle) consists of three important principles they are as follows: 1- Honesty 2- Beauty 3- Cleverness.
These three features should be indispensable ones for those who want to be happy forever. So, your assessment for your candidates has to consider the said principles to be successful in your choice. If there are certain candidates succeeding partially and there is one particular person meets the entire requirements, she will be the chosen one.

The principle of honesty is found at the bottom of the Triangle because it is the most important one ever. In other words, if there is no honesty between partners, their relationship will never last. As for the principle of beauty, it is also great to love your wife and never cheat on her with other women; this means if the man in question wants to live his life without sins, he must choose a gorgeous woman, whereas cleverness is something no less significant than the other ones because smartness should be found in your wife so as to live your life without problems and it is also because "there is a great woman behind every great man". Finally, the principles are interrelated with each other and they will never be separated. Follow the Triangle and You will live a tranquil life for good. Our fingers are crossed for all singles.    

Written By:
Ibrahim Talaat AL_Bayati 

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Relation between Media and Politics

The role of Mass Media became indispensable in the 21th century due to a number of factors: the appearance of many newspapers, television channels and social networks where everybody can be in touch with the whole globe in no time. According to the American T.V journalist Katie Couric, she says that "the media can be an instrument of change, it can maintain the status quo and reflect the views of society or it can hopefully awaken people and change minds."  

Nothing is hidden from people's minds anymore. This is why people became aware of their own political systems because of the said factors. So, Mass Media especially social network services are coloured by Politics they are described as "actions and activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society" Collins Dictionary.

There are three types of media in the world. The first type is the neutral media. It is impartial and it has no affiliation to any political party and never amplifies the role of politicians. As for the second one, it is politicized and works for certain political party and its hosts have privileges other than others who work for other media outlets. The third type sheds lights on the negative aspects of a society or a politician without mentioning the bright side of the country or the man concerned.

Speaking of the social networks, they have made a big difference in the world in general and the Arab World in particular. They toppled many regimes in the region and they participated in shaping the future of the whole world. So, social networks are praised by the youth and they describe them as handy tools to express themselves without any barriers.      

As for Television hosts, Some of them got significance in covering their programs on T.V. upon the expense of political issues or the suffering of certain society. They have reached this domination as a result of employing sarcasm and highlighting the dark side only.

Finally, Mass Media should be pure and they must never ever be influenced by any organization or authority. They have to supervise the events and presenting the reality because Press is defined as the fourth estate.                   

Written By:

Ibrahim Talaat AL_Bayati