Monday, 30 September 2013


Iraq is the country of civilizations
And it is the symbol of power and dominations
Iraq is the mainland of significant prophets and religions
And it is the place of scientists who still have marvelous visions
Iraq is the factory of high-spirited men
It embraces well-educated men
Iraq can overcome any disaster
Because it is the master
Its mountains shield the country from any danger
And its borders is protected from any stranger
Iraqi spectrum is like a rainbow
And there is no power on earth force us to bow
Tigris and Euphrates are the arteries of our life
And its security forces is considered to be the sharp knife
May Allah bless Iraq, its people and areas
We will never leave Iraq alone because Iraq is our life arias

Written by: Ibrahim AL-Bayati


My best regard to my teachers
Due to your performance and incredible features
You are the builders of generations
And solutions for sophistications
Your minds filled with knowledge and science
And you behave like angels in the skies
Your thoughts and visions are fruitful
And you refresh our minds to be useful
Our life without you is meaningless
Because you combat backwardness
Your ideas are glowing as the sun
You usually mix knowledge with fun
We will never forget you
Because, we are addicted to loving you
My teachers are my second family
And I wish you all the best finally.

Written By: Ibrahim T. Al-Bayati
(I dedicate this verse to all my beloved teachers

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is a work that a teacher does in helping students to learn. Teachers teach students everything in life. The philosophy of teaching is about how to make students study hard and love the idea of knowledge-seeking and education. The style of teaching plays a more integral role in unlocking students' potentials, in other words if teachers teach their students in a lovely manner they will start loving their own teachers and their subjects afterward the students in question will be more creative in presenting cutting-edge ideas and visions. Teaching English is a wonderful subject for discussion for its characteristics and importance in the world. The English language is an international language and it is the best way of communication that many people resort to. For this reason, the methods of teaching of the English language should be enhanced by all means due to its indispensible benefits. All people with no exception have to know things about English. There are four important branches of teaching English they are as follows: reading teaching methods, writing teaching methods, speaking teaching methods and listening teaching methods. Students must be learned many vocabularies by their own teachers through presenting passages with explanatory methods like pictures. This method can help them to articulate and keep these words in their minds. The teacher in question can play compact discs or cassettes to his students in order to make them listen to certain conversations after that he can ask his student some questions about things mentioned in the conversations. He can motivate his students to start discussions by dividing his class into many groups to partake in discussions and exchanging ideas therefore, his students will have self-confident to speak up English well. All the universities in the globe pay extraordinary attention to the teaching of English. As for Iraqi universities, there are college educations and arts in every single university and there are departments of English in every single college. There are different methods of teaching university students in these departments through their academic years. They will study different subjects with regard to English such as composition, listening-comprehension, grammar, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis contrastive grammar etc. the above-mentioned topics will back up students' capabilities as far as English is concerned. There is another department besides department of English in College of Arts University of Al-Mustansiriya. It is called Translation Department it teaches students all the aforesaid subjects with reference to English. Although Translation Department deals with translation, it cares about English language and the way of making its students understand everything about this amazing language and it supports the idea of holding conversations among students because there is a subject titled Conversation in the second grade.

Written by: Ibrahim Talaat Al-Bayati

The similarities and differences between American and Iraqi cultures

It is an honor to write such wonderful article about two great cultures. It is about shedding light on their people, life, habit and education. The American people are very kind in dealing with others under every single circumstance. They are generous and respectful. The Iraqi people are not different from American people in this regard because they are kind and generous as well. Speaking of life, American life is so hard in comparison with the Iraqi way of life as a result of several reasons, they are as follows: First, everything found in the market has tax even a bottle of mineral water has taxation this is not the case with the Iraqi taxation system. There is no taxation over food or any other products available in the market. Second, there is taxation over Americans’ private properties. In other words, the American citizen must pay taxation of his own house that he/she owns and this is not found in the Iraqi system. As for habits, American people are friendly and helpful for example, if you walk on the American avenues, people will smile to you and they’ll say (Hi) and if you sneeze in the streets, people will say to you (bless you). The same is true of Iraqi people. The last point is concerned with education; the American educational system is milder than the Iraqi one as far as teaching and curriculum are concerned. For instance, the American teachers always treat their students in classrooms as friends or as their kids. And if someone is late, he/she can join the class without being punished or if someone wants to call his/her friend, he/she can go out and call without any problem. This is not true of Iraqi style in dealing with students because most of our schools and universities are tough in dealing with those students who do not come to their classes on time. Besides, no one is allowed to go outside the class without permission. The American students do not have to wear uniform when they join universities; they are free in wearing anything they like. This is not true of Iraqi students; they must wear certain clothes when they’ll be students in the Iraqi universities. The American curriculum is embracing the latest techniques and methodologies that can enhance the educational system significantly. Whereas the Iraqi educational curriculum until recently was following the traditional methodology. But the education and higher education and scientific research ministries have applied many magnificent programs in developing education in Iraq. For example, changing primary school, intermediate school and high school curriculums to be up to date, while higher education ministry and scientific research has adopted several reforms in graduate and post graduate programs such as (MA and Ph.D), it is as follows: every single candidate of the above-mentioned programs should take IC3, TOEFL and admission tests to choose the most appropriate students for these programs. Written by: Ibrahim Talaat Al-Bayati

Graduation Day

This is one the most wonderful days in the Man's life, in other words, it is defined as the day of happiness, this is why, it should be paid more attention than any ordinary occasion. Every single person in this world has his own ambitions and goals, and one of these goals is when he\she graduates from university, gaining the highest marks among his\her classmates, this will make him/her very happy when he/she achieves such goal, because this is considered the first goal of Man in his/her life. He remembers all his life at that day, coming before his eyes as a video tape since his childhood until the present moment, thinking of his life carefully. He eagerly wants to know what comes next. Everything will be fine and easy as you like, if you are self-confident. As for your families, they will be very proud of you toward your work and determination as well. Students shall pay tribute to their parents for their extra ordinary efforts and they have dedicated their lives for their kids to be such men, helping them by all means, remembering their significant steps that formed us. Special thanks for our teaching staff, for what they have made throughout academic years, who made us efficient ones. Wherever we go, we must thank and praise those who stood beside us in order to make peoples around the world respect us, and to say they are honorable because they don't forget the gratitude. Finally, I am very happy, because I belong to this Department and I graduated from it successfully. I am ready to help anyone to be good translator, due to my morality. If you are happy, life will smile for you and if you are upset, life will be gloomy. So, be cool. "Peace be upon you".

 Written By: Ibrahim AL-Bayati

"A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed"

Friendship is something beautiful in life, for this reason we have to search for friends carefully and choose the right one, so as to communicate with them and to exchange ideas, and to share with us happiness and sadness. Actually, there are different ways of making friendships: The first way is by your daily life, you will know and meet so many people within your academic life, and your career. The second way is the cyber one, in other words, to make friendship via internet and its social networks (Facebook, twitter…etc.) Friendship is divided into two forms: the materialistic form, as someone wants to be a friend of yours, because he asks you for doing something, then, you meet his need, he will disappear from your life. Or a person who becomes closer to someone due to his intelligence or wealth, so, to get benefit from him morally or materially, and if something wrong happens, he will walk away. This is why, you have to be aware of this type of friendship. Whereas the second form is a real one; this real friend who performs as if your brother or even better, he is always loyal to you whatever the condition is, and under any circumstance. He always protects you from any possible danger, he shares with you happiness and comforts you when you are sad. Definitely, you understood what I was after. You should test your friend, to know whether he is gold or rusty metal. At the end of my article, I would like to remind you of the famous speech of Polonious to his son Learetes, before the latter’s departure (quoted from Hamlet By Shakespeare) "Cherish Your Old Friend And Choose The New One Carefully."

Written By: Ibrahim T. Al-Bayati


This article clarifies the reasons behind these defects and drawbacks in our educational system; our task as reporters is to shed light on this essential subject, and how to tackle this issue. In fact, this system has been facing so many difficulties, especially in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. These difficulties and consequences can be listed as follows: First, the absence of new teaching programs in our universities, this is why this matter creates a dangerous problem that threatens student's future; therefore, the officials in the Ministry should take this problem into consideration and find out a solution as quickly as possible. Second, Iraqi students suffer from a lack in their practical field. In other words, they witness obstacles for instance in their laboratories. So, this lack especially in the equipments of Labs, might affect the intellectuality of our students. Third, some students have great ambitions, fantastic performance and skills and would like to complete their Higher studies in or outside Iraq, But unfortunately giving such a chance to our students is very limited due to the lack in teaching staff or sometimes because there are no professors in these departments qualified to supervise MA or PhD theses. On the other hand, the budget of the Ministry of Higher Education makes it unable to offer scholarships, because its budget is insufficient to sponsor these significant projects. In my opinion, if concerned officials do not do their best to meet our students' needs to achieve their dreams, Iraq will face a dangerous future filled with backwardness and uneducated people. So, all officials must work hard in this regard to support those students and their ambitions. This thing will serve Iraq and increase the number of scholars and scientists to put Iraq at the highest level of the pyramid of Higher Education.

Written By: Ibrahim Talaat Albayati