Monday, 9 July 2012

Everyone is Rich

The word “rich” does not refer to the one who has a lot of money or valuable possessions only but also to every single man has a particular idea or objective in life. The rich person in question can do certain things at anytime by the power he owns yet he cannot achieve all the things he wants if he does not have a plan to do them in advance. “You cannot clap with one hand” in other words, if someone owns money but he does not have a goal the one in question will fail at the end of the day.  All humans with no exception have minds that generate thoughts and miracles, so humans should employ their minds in a way that can make them able to meet their needs without any humiliation and if they succeeded in doing so, they would be very rich. As you know the idea of achievability can be fulfilled easily. How? It can be done by guarding our knowledge by the employment of awareness in analyzing our needs and to see them whether they fit our ideas and thoughts or not, the same is true of computer anti-virus software which is used for protecting PCs from any possible threat. This means that human awareness acts as anti-virus software to protect ideas and objectives from any questionable situation. It is worth noting that human awareness is set for life whereas PC anti-virus has date of expiration. It is one of the Allah’s most fabulous gifts to humanity. For this reason there is no poor person on earth if he uses his mind and awareness in a positive way. To conclude the writer quotes the following words written by John Ruskin: “when brilliant mind, attitudes and talents come together to form one goal- expect a masterpiece”
Written By: Ibrahim T. Al-Bayati