Thursday, 30 June 2011


Woman's rights in Iraq:
Holy Qur'an is the most important constitution of Islam and Muslims that calls for supporting woman and takes care of her.
 The employer of business must give woman her rights to be equal to man without any discrimination. This is a very great evidence found in Qur'an and order us to be the supporter of woman because without her we cannot be born and woman is my mother, sister, wife and daughter this is why we must listen to their demands and to make appropriate reform to guarantee her rights.
 In Iraq women started to act in the society in various field of life, they want to do their best to be successful enough. Iraqi woman is tough enough, in other words, she can be in the most difficult positions for example there are women in military they are serving the country as possible as they can others are working beside man in the parliament and partaking with him all the roles and responsibilities I wish her all the best                         
Written by: Ibrahim Al-Bayati