Monday, 29 August 2011

Why human life gets shorter?

This question is frequently asked by people wherever they are. People on earth wonder, why they are no longer able to live for longer periods. Due to the following effects:

Since the industrial revolution people have witnessed disorder in their life, someone may ask why? Many problems came into existence within that revolution and these ones affected our life badly, because human being have been using our planet resources in a cold blood without caring about human life, living being, water resources and air. And his ultimate goal is to gain profit at the cost of ordinary people . Many problems emerged due to these facts, for example the invention of car was the most incredible achievement at that time for its benefit, but this had a bad impact upon HUMAN HEALTH because of its smoke which is considered as one of the dangerous pollutants.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said that she hopes to see 1million Green car in Germany by 2012, it is a good piece of evidence referring to the fact that smoke made our atmosphere volatile.

Some governments imposed extra taxes on the companies that emit Carbon Gas Emission to be reduced in future. On the other hand food stuff is contaminated with chemical fertilizers, this leaves behind a serious of side-effects on our health. Many organizations in many states started a very big campaign to urge farmers using organic fertilizers to get healthy vegetables and fruit. There is great model in the field of sustaining our environment, is called "Barrack Obama" the US president, who ordered to farm in one of the WHITEHOUSE gardens to eat healthy food. Finally I would like to say "BE GREENER".

Written By: Ibrahim AL-Bayati

The successful marriage

This article shed light on the most important aspects of marriage in detail. In fact there are two types of people in this regard, the first type want to get married when they are young, saying that we have to form our families to look after them without paying attention to its future consequences. So, they are to witness unexpected situations 20 or 30 years later if they don't build up the plan effectively, in other words, the one who wants to be an eligible shall study every single detail concerning this turning point in his life carefully.

As for the second ones, who don't like marriage so much, or they do hate this tie, for many reasons: they don't want to be part of this monotonous process or they don't like to be involved in its problems according to what they say. We asked them why? The said it is filled with responsibilities and if we intend to do so, a heavy burden will be taken upon our shoulders, we shall take it seriously to avoid any regrettable situation. But there are some people say that they'll get married when they are to be grown up in order to be on the safe side.

It's a blessed tie between man and woman, to sustain it, take all its concepts into consideration, marriage is like a house, if you build a baseless house, it is to be demolished sooner or later. Whereas the fortified one with strong basis confronts all the circumstances then, you will the luckiest figure in the world ever.

Written by Ibrahim AL-Bayati      

Monday, 18 July 2011

Cell phone

This article tackles the positive aspects and the negative ones of mobile. Actually when mobile invented by scientists was considered an incredible breakthrough in technology because you can communicate with anyone without wires and you can hold it wherever you go. We do appreciate the efforts that have been made in creating such miracle but we must not forget its destructive side-effects on human health, this mini device is pretty good when is to used for doing necessary things and tasks but if it is used for many times daily, it is to make you deadly ill and you may die, if you don't follow health instruction:
-Children shall not use mobile because its rays affects their brains badly, it may cause diseases like brain cancer which its prognosis is very weak.
-Inform concerned authorities regarding the construction of any telecommunications tower installed on certain house or facility near to populated regions because of its dangerous consequences.
-Put your cell phone away from your ears when you talk to someone to avoid the infiltration of rays into your brain cells.
-Consult your doctor, if you suffer severe headache for a long period of time.
-The most important point is to check websites specialized in health issues to be updated all the time. To end up the article, I have to tell you a famous proverb "prevention is better than cure". Take care.
Written by: Ibrahim Talaat AL-Bayati    
Love in University
Love is an integral pillar of human life, life without love is nothing love, passion and sympathy are the most vital elements of the sane man. Love is giving not getting. Love is sacrifice not dependency.
When Man is grown up his feeling is to grow as well especially when he joins university, the matter is to be serious, this is why he must be aware and he has to study the one he loves before declaring his real emotion towards her. By the way students shall pay extraordinary attention to the studies and their academic life, in other words they have to put their subjects on the top of their priorities and then love is to come. Sometimes male ivy misunderstands his female one, because she helps him at hard times and she is passionate with him, he thinks that she loves him, this may not be true, for this reason I have said the at beginning of the article take care in order to be on the safe side. Sometimes else female ivy misapprehends her classmate, when he supports her by all means. It is a big deal, isn't it? Definitely it is. To solve this confusion put his/her passion under microscope to know whether she is really in love with you or not. Inexperienced one is to be the victim of such disaster at the end of the day. Why? Because when bad ivy intends to gain benefits from his/her colleague by pretending that he/she is deadly in love with, in return the concerned person is to be extremely happy as a result of this news , afterward he/she wants to do everything to meet his/her lovers needs. If anyone comes across a case like the aforementioned one, he shall know everything about this figure and his/her intention, because love never be possessive. Finally, there is something to be said "love is the noble feature of Man, never spoil it.
Written By: Ibrahim Talaat AL-Bayati           

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Woman's rights in Iraq:
Holy Qur'an is the most important constitution of Islam and Muslims that calls for supporting woman and takes care of her.
 The employer of business must give woman her rights to be equal to man without any discrimination. This is a very great evidence found in Qur'an and order us to be the supporter of woman because without her we cannot be born and woman is my mother, sister, wife and daughter this is why we must listen to their demands and to make appropriate reform to guarantee her rights.
 In Iraq women started to act in the society in various field of life, they want to do their best to be successful enough. Iraqi woman is tough enough, in other words, she can be in the most difficult positions for example there are women in military they are serving the country as possible as they can others are working beside man in the parliament and partaking with him all the roles and responsibilities I wish her all the best                         
Written by: Ibrahim Al-Bayati